David Leslie

Skotland, 1601-82

Første lord af Newark. Skotsk general.

David Leslie, the son of the 1st Earl of Lindores, was born in about 1600. After serving with Gustav Adolf af Sverige in the Thirty Years War he returned in 1643 to fight for the Parliamentary forces in the Civil War and took part in their victory at Marston Moor (July, 1644). In 1645 Leslie defeated the Earl of Montrose at Philiphaugh (September, 1645) and in 1647 became Lieutenant General of the Scots army.

In 1650 Leslie changed sides and agreed to serve Charles I. He was defeated at Dunbar (September, 1650) and Worcester (August, 1651) and after his capture was sent to the Tower of London.

On the Restoration Leslie was released from captivity and granted the title Baron Newark. David Leslie, 1st Baron Newark, died in 1682.