Paul Kray von Krajowa
Ungarn, 1735-1804


Østrigsk baron og general i hæren.

Født i Kersmarch (Ungarn), 1735, død 1804.

Distinguished himself during the Seven Years War (1756-63)
Extinguished the revolt of the Walachians in Transylvania, 1788
Made general in the war against the Turks, 1790
Temporary head of the Austrian army in Italy when Melas was ill, 1799
Victory over Schérer at Magnano, 5 April 1800
Retook the citadel of Mantua, 1800
Replaced Archduke Charles as head of the Austrian army in Germany but beaten by the French he was forced to resign his command
According to Jomini, Kray was ‘vigorous, intrepid [with] a great ability to sum up a particular situation and remarkable sang-froid. Incontestably, he was the best Austrian general after Archduke Charles'.