William Cavendish

England, 1592-1676

Første jarl (hertug/markis) af Newcastle.

Born: 1592, Nottinghamshire
Died: 1676
Allegiance: Royalist
Position: 1st Earl of Newcastle

Newcastle var søn af den rige Sir Charles Cavendish. Da han blev jarl i 1628, var han en af de rigeste mænd i England. Han brugte denne rigdom under krigene til at være med til at finansiere den royalistiske sag.
Newcastle served in the Bishops' Wars, and was recognised as a competent leader and swordsman. Despite this, he had a love of the fine arts, being a poet amoung other things. He raised his own army to support Charles I in the North in 1642. His army fought and won at Adwalton Moor in 1643, severely curtailing parliament's movements in the North. After his defeat at Marston Moor, 1644, Newcastle went into exile.He never regained his past wealth after the wars, despite returning to England when Charles II was restored to the throne.