Gould Mk 48 Mod 4 533mm HWT USA

Mål: overfladeskibe, ubåde
Målsøgning: aktiv/passiv
Rækkevidde: 50 km ved 40 knob/38 km ved 55 knob
Sprænghoved: 267 kg
Dybgang: 900 m
Vægt: 1545,3 kg (MK-48); 1662,75 kg (MK-48 ADCAP)





The MK-48 is designed to combat fast, deep-diving nuclear submarines and high performance surface ships. It is carried by all Navy submarines. The improved version, MK-48 ADCAP, is carried by attack submarines, the Ohio class ballistic missile submarines and will be carried by the Seawolf class attack submarines. The MK-48 replaced both the MK-37 and MK-14 torpedoes. The MK-48 has been operational in the U.S. Navy since 1972. MK-48 ADCAP became operational in 1988 and was approved for full production in 1989.

Features: MK-48 and MK-48 ADCAP torpedoes can operate with or without wire guidance and use active and/or passive homing. When launched they execute programmed target search, acquisition and attack procedures. Both can conduct multiple reattacks if they miss the target.

General Characteristics, MK-48, MK-48 (ADCAP)
Primary Function: Heavyweight torpedo for submarines
Contractor: Gould
Power Plant: Piston engine; pump jet
Længde: 5.79 meter
Weight: 3,434 lbs (1545.3 kg) (MK-48); 3,695 lbs (1662.75 kg) (MK-48 ADCAP)
Diameter: 53,34 cm
Range: Greater than 5 miles (8 km)
Depth: Greater than 1,200 ft (365.76 meters)
Speed: Greater than 28 knots (32.2 mph, 51.52 kph)
Guidance System: Wire guided and passive/active acoustic homing
Warhead: 650 lbs (292.5 kg) high explosive
Date Deployed: 1972