Ferdinand von Quast

Tyskland, 1850-1934

Tysk general. Chef for 6. armé på Vestfronten.

En succesfuld tysk general ved infanteriet, som var tæt på at påføre briterne et stort nederlag ved Lys under den tyske hærs store forårsoffensiv i 1918.
   Quast fik ind i hæren i 1870 og var steget til en rang af generalløjtnant i 1910. Tre år senere blev han udnævnt til at kommandere det 9. armékorps.

Although highly competent and often successful, Quast's public profile was slight. As commander of the German Sixth Army he nevertheless came close to smashing the British First Army's line along the River Lys in April 1918 as part of Operation Georgette, ably supported by Georg Bruchmuller's spectacularly effective short, sharp preliminary artillery bombardment.

It was Quast's success at Lys which resulted in the British Commander-in-Chief, Sir Douglas Haig, issuing his famed Order of the Day of 11 April 1918, commonly referred to as his 'Backs to the Wall' communiqué.

In the event Quast, who had succeeded in outflanking Allied-held Armentieres (which was subsequently abandoned) and advancing some 5.5 km to the Lys River, was prevented from a complete breakthrough by the resolute, defiant defence exhibited by Hugh Jeudwine's British 55th Division.

Despite his near victory Quast never again looked like breaking through to the crucial Channel ports, as the German Army began its long retreat of Summer 1918.

Ferdinand von Quast, who received the prestigious Oakleaves in addition to the Pour le Merite award (received in August 1916) on 10 April 1918, died in 1934.