You create content, we create apps Apps for tablets and smartphones
Princeton, New Jersey, USA – call 609 608 8068
Futura Format creates content rich applications for tablets and smartphones. Includes solutions for newspapers, magazines and other digital publications, displays for museums and training material etc.


Digital publications
Connect with your readers in whole new ways and give them unique reading experiences
Provide your advertisers with new possibilities and features
Combine paid and free content and subscriptions
Reach your readers anywhere and anytime – online or offline
Subscription models and/or free context
Save money on printing and distribution
Protect the environment




Open your exhibits and archives to your visitors before, during and after their visit.
Share your research and collections with visitors and piers across the world
Create interactive guides, displays and newletters
Provide in-depth multi media information
Education and training Training
Rearch your users anywhere and anytime
Make updates, additions, improvements and corrections
Content downloaded to device

Multiple navigation options Dual orientation – identical or alternate content
Overlays and popups User statistics
Linking internally and to the Web Audio files (speak, music, sound effects etc.)
Unique image quality Video content
Slideshows Interacive Infographics
Animations Push notifications
Zooming Login support to protect content
Panning Support for social media – Facebook, Twitter etc.

Other services: Scanning of drawings, photos, prints, slides and negatives etc – OCR scanning – Tablet displays – EPUB